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Digium IP Telephony - Authorized Partner, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Al Maria Middle East Technologies are authorized partner for Digium IP Telephony business phone system in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Al Maria provides implementation and supports for Digium IP Telephony business phone system.

Experience the Power of Switchvox at Your Desk

Do more than just talk! Count on Switchvox IP PBX to help you easily transition from simple telephony to a feature-rich UC solution. Integrate all of your office communications and start saving time and money. Switchvox and its power-packed, yet simple set of features will maximize your business communications.


Digium IP Telephony Products

Digium Switchvox Appliance

Digium IP Telephony - Switchvox Appliance

Switchvox appliances come in multiple sizes so that you can have a powerful, VoIP phone system to meet the needs of your company today. And, you can easily future-proof your business for tomorrow too.


Digium IP Phones

Digium IP Telephony - IP Phone

The Digium IP Phones offer the tightest integration possible with Switchvox. These phones incorporate plug-and-play installation, saving you time. Extend your Switchvox system to your desk with easy access to interactive voicemail, real-time status information, call queue details and more. See how the integrated, advanced applications and easy-to-use features provide you with the best user experience for your complete business phone system


Digium Telephony Cards

Digium IP Telephony - Telephony Card

Easily connect to the outside world with Digium's telephony cards. The Switchvox modules support a variety of network connections such as T1, E1, and PRI. You can also connect legacy telephones to Switchvox with analog modules


Digium IP Telephony Features


Digium IP Telephony Features - Mobility

Switchvox offers true mobility for seamless communications with any phone. Now you can work, no matter where you are.

Ring All Your Phones

Digium IP Telephony Features - Ring All Your Phones

You can set your Personal Call Rules to ring several phones at once, so you never miss an important call again. You can also do things like send all of your calls to voicemail when you know you aren't able to answer.

Easy Call Transfers

Digium IP Telephony Features - Easy Call Transfers

The InCall Menu lets you quickly transfer a call from any phone's keypad. No fancy phone necessary!.


Same Caller ID, Different Phone

Digium IP Telephony Features - Same Caller ID Different Phone

When you have Converged Phones, Switchvox automatically uses the Caller ID from your main extension whenever you make a call from any of your phones

IVR (Auto Attendant)

Digium IP Telephony Features - IVR (Auto Attendant)

Interactive Voice Response is an automated way to greet and interact with your callers.

Call Queues (ACD)

Digium IP Telephony Features - Call Queues

Unlimited, built-in Call Queues help you offer a great customer service experience.


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