Reconfigure F5 ACCESS POLICY MANAGER to utilize it to the fullest!


If you are using the F5 for load balancing & publishing your applications, we can provide you the following value add configuration services to enhance the utility of your setup. Along with these services Al Maria Technologies has a team of certified F5 administrators who can assist you in other areas such as Web Application Firewalls, Global Traffic Management.

1. SMS Based 2-Factor Authentication

Are you still using just the username and password to login to your remote access portal? As you know that this is not the most preferred method of authentication because passwords can be logged, or guessed or stolen. We can reconfigure your F5 Access Policy Manager to provide you with an additional factor in the user authentication by means of sending an SMS to the user at login and then verifying that code through the F5. This setup requires an SMS Server and some additional configuration on the F5 to be up and running. Below is an illustration of how the setup will work:


2. Device And Location Based Corporate Acces

Be able to Control which devices can access your corporate applications and from specifically which part of the world. Unauthorized devices will not be able to see the log in page as well. If you already use an F5 ACCESS POLICY MANAGER to publish your applications or provide remote application access to your users, then a few reconfiguration steps on your F5 can enable this security feature which can help control a lot of unwanted logins from different parts of the world or botnets.


F5 can check the following parameters of a user device before granting /restricting access

  • Checking for a file
  • Verifying Windows information
  • Checking processes
  • Setting up Windows cache and session control
  • Assigning a Windows group policy template
  • Checking a machine certificate
  • Checking machine information
  • Setting up Windows registry check
  • Setting up Windows protected workspace
  • Checking software on an endpoint


3. URL Camouflage

An attacker with a vulnerable URL and the right scripting information can cause a lot of damage to your organization, e.g. injecting or running scripts or SQL queries to retrieve sensitive information or to even make online transactions. You can hide the internal URLs from the users by rewriting the response from your webservers to the users. This will block any unwanted information to be passed on to the users or attackers.


4. Corporate Portal Theme Based Login Page Through F5

Transform your login page (Webtop) to match your corporate theme to provide a more personalized look to your users. This reconfiguration requires webpage developers who understand the technologies like CSS and php to code the F5 page according to your corporate themes.

Below is an example of how the page transformation can look like:



5. Single Sign-On

Enable single Sign-On for all your applications whether they are working within your datacenter or are hosted in cloud.

Once the users logs in to the Dynamic Webtop, they have access to all their applications without having to log in to each application separately.