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What Is F5 Global Traffic Manager or GTM in Simple Words?

In simple words GTM is advance DNS Server which helps in resolving applications name to the active IP address.

It is the technology that helps enterprise users to seamlessly connect to alternate data center for application connectivity. The alternate data center can be Disaster Recovery Site or Back Up Site or Bunker Site.


Simple Example of F5 Global Traffic Manager or GTM:

Example of F5 Global Traffic Manager (GTM)

All of the enterprise applications and databases are hosted in the Main Data Center. For business continuity, organizations have Disaster Recovery Site which is almost a replica of Main Data Center and with the same set of applications and databases.

Users access these applications on their browsers via typing the URL Name and without knowing where this application is hosted. At the backend the URL Name gets translated to an IP Address. In the event of disaster or full application failure at the Main Data Center, the users still have the same URL Name but now the IP address attached to the URL Name has been changed. Y? Because the same application is now being activated from Disaster Recovery Site which has different IP Address.

Hence it is the job of GTM to update the URL Name with new IP address of the DR Site application transparently and in real time. As a result users don’t have to change their URL Names for the applications nor has the backend IT team to take undue pain of reconfigurations and downtime.


Where We Can Use F5 Global Traffic Manager or GTM?

Where we can use F5 Global Traffic Manager (GTM)

Any enterprise organization running mission critical applications with more than one data centers must have this solution in place to make sure of their business continuity.


Advance Benefits

Global Server Load Balancing

GTM Benefits - Global Server Load Balancing

BIG-IP GTM intelligently routes traffic to keep pace with changing network and user volumes that can overwhelm a data center during peak traffic times.

  • Automates tracking and management of inter-dependencies among individual application services
  • Supports evolving application requirements while keeping apps available

Continual Monitoring

GTM Benefits - Continual Monitoring

With BIG-IP GTM, you can perform comprehensive site availability checks and performance monitoring while closely controlling and defining conditions for managing traffic.

  • Flexibility to shift all traffic (whether from IPv4 or IPv6 clients) to a backup data center
  • Ability to fail over an entire site or control only the affected applications

Superior DNS Performance

GTM Benefits - Superior DNS Performance

BIG-IP GTM manages requests with DNS Express, effectively handling spikes in DNS query volumes whether due to legitimate requests or DDoS attacks.

  • Increases DNS performance up to 10 times
  • Provides response to all queries
  • Offloads DNS functions as an authoritative DNS server

DNS Caching and Resolving

GTM Benefits - DNS Caching and Resolving

Using DNS caching reduces the number of DNS queries and latency. BIG-IP GTM responds immediately to subsequent client requests for the same site and provides its own DNS resolving, without requiring the use of an upstream DNS resolver.

  • Faster web browsing with up to 80 percent DNS latency reduction
  • Up to 80 percent reduction in outbound DNS queries
  • Reduced DNS infrastructure costs

Complete DNSSEC Protection

GTM Benefits - Complete DNSSEC Protection

BIG-IP GTM DNSSEC signing protects LDNS servers from cache poisoning and man-in-the-middle attacks, and provides superior DNS performance, while DNSSEC validation offloads CPU-intensive verification for faster response.

  • Delivers a real-time, signed query response for secure delivery
  • Enables high-speed offload and validation of DNSSEC on the client side
  • Helps you achieve DNSSEC compliance

Application health monitoring

GTM Benefits - Application Health Monitoring

BIG-IP GTM provides intelligent “health” checks that are superior to single health checks and essential to determining availability for today’s applications.

  • Aggregates multiple monitors so you can check the application state at many levels
  • Delivers constant health monitoring between devices
  • Eliminates false positives