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RSA Security - Authorized Partner, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Al Maria Middle East Technologies are authorized partner of RSA Security in Abu Dhabi, UAE. We have a vast experience of integrating RSA Security with different devices and technologies, few of them like Juniper SSL VPN, Cisco Remote VPN and F5 Networks Access Policy Manager (APM)


RSA Authentication Manager

RSA Authentication Manager, the central two-factor authentication software that provides capabilities to manage security tokens, users, multiple applications, agents, and resources across physical sites. Authentication Manager verifies authentication requests and centrally administers authentication policies for enterprise networks.

RSA Authentication Manager

Advance Benefits

Centralized Management

RSA Security Benefits - Centralized Management

Provides easy and cost-effective management of your RSA SecurID solution through browser-based administration.

Authentication Choice

RSA Security Benefits - Authentication Choice

Supports two-factor authentication methods including hardware, software, and SMS to meet the needs of any user population.



RSA Security Benefits - Scalability

Delivers a replication architecture that guarantees uptime of your critical security infrastructure.


RSA Security Benefits - Interoperability

Integrates with more than 400 of the industry's leading partner solutions, including VPN, networking, wireless, firewall, and more.



RSA Security Benefits - Flexibility

Supports the most popular stand-alone operating system platforms, VMware virtual environments, and RSA SecurID Appliances pre-loaded.


RSA Security Software


RSA Software

RSA Authentication Manager, the premier enterprise-class two-factor authentication solution and the power behind RSA SecurID security tokens, scales to support organizations of any size and protects multiple applications and resources across numerous physical sites.


RSA Software Features

Powers strong authentication for millions of RSA SecurID end-users worldwideSupports enterprise-class deployments with hundreds of simultaneous authenticationsOffers high performance and scalability with enterprise-level management featuresProvides centralized, easy, and cost-effective administrationDelivers robust logging and reporting capability Interoperates with more than 400 networking products and applications out of the box.


RSA Security Hardware


RSA Security Hardware

The RSA SecurID Appliance delivers the power and performance of RSA Authentication Manager software on a rack-mountable, security-hardened appliance. Utilize a quick set-up utility to easily establish enterprise authentication so you can enforce compliance and secure critical information. The RSA SecurID Appliance offers industry-leading RSA SecurID two-factor authentication in a convenient package through: Ease of deployment and ongoing management — Have the Appliance up and running in as few as 30 minutes. Thanks to interoperability with more than 400 of the industry's leading solutions, the RSA SecurID Appliance fits easily into any environment. The straightforward set-up and management console can be accessed from any web browser. Flexible configuration and scalability options — Buy it bundled for 10, 25, 50, 100, 150, or 250 users. If you have a larger business, choose a la carte options for greater flexibility. Flexible authentication options — Choose hardware tokens, software tokens, or an on-demand authenticator via SMS messaging and e-mail. Integrated hardware, software, and Linux operating system — Full integration streamlines update processes and provides a single point of service for the complete solution. Lower TCO — Quick set-up times, a web-management interface, streamlined credential deployment, and user self-service all add up to cost savings and improved security for your organization.



RSA Security Hardware Versions

Two versions of RSA SecurID Appliance are offered: RSA SecurID Appliance 130 — designed to satisfy the requirements for simple, cost-effective deployments. RSA SecurID Appliance 250 — designed with dual power and redundant hard drives for organizations


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