Educational Sector - Internet Bandwidth Solution Over 12 ADSL

Internet Bandwidth Solution For Education Sector Over 12 ADSL Lines And 2 Backup 4G Cards.


1. Expensive dedicated Internet lines such as IP Connect.

2. Under Utilized ADSL Internet links.

3. Configuration Changes To Be Done by Network Administrators for Fall Back, Recovery, Policy Based Routing, Interface and Cable Changes.


Solution Features and Benefits for Education Sector

1. Approx. 1Gbps ADSL Internet Throughput

Appliance can combine up to 12 ADSL Internet access lines from multiple service providers such as Etisalat & Du, into a single Virtual Internet access link to produce effective internet bandwidth of approx. 1Gbps.


2. Auto Link Failover & Recovery for Up To 12 ADSL Internet Lines

University internet will be operational till the last of 12th ADSL line is operational and students won’t face disconnections. Only speed will reduce. Recovered links will be automatically added to the virtual internet pipe.


3. Device Failover & Recovery (HA Mode)

Universities can install 2 Appliances in HA-Mode for device level failover and recover..



4. Two 4G Back Up Links

In addition to 12 ADSL links, Educational institutes can install two backup 4G internet links. This can be very the area internet exchange is down. The 4G links will only trigger when all of your ADSL links fail.



5. Replace Up To 12 Unreliable ADSL Modems By Single Device

Replace up to 12 ADSL modems with Single Device hence reducing internet disconnections occurring due to unreliable power adapters or ADSL modem failures.
ISP settings (username & password) can be directly entered on the appliance.

6. Under Utilized ADSL Internet Links

When you have multiple ADSL modems configured into you network there is very high probability of not utilizing full speed of all ADSL internet links due to configuration errors or limitations in policy based routing. Leave these decision on the purpose built appliance and all the links will be utilized to the fullest.


7. Reduce IT Administrative Headaches.

IT administrators can start focusing on core IT issues rather than addressing daily internet bandwidth complains by students, teachers and Bosses.