Cisco IP Telephony Solution for 25 Users

The main components of this solution are:

  1. Cisco Color Manager IP Phone
  2. Cisco User IP Phone
  3. Cisco Voice Gateway with PVDM2
  4. Cisco 4 Port FXO Card
  5. Cisco 24 Port PoE Switch 2960

 Features and Benefits to the Customer:



SSL VPN With Two-Factor Authentication

The main components of this solution are:

  1. Juniper SA SSL VPN Appliance
  2. RSA Authentication Manager Server
  3. RSA Hardware two-factor tokens

Features and Benefits to the Customer:

  • Ability to Control remote access to corporate resources based on users privileges.
  • Ability to authenticate users using two factors; PIN + Token Code
  • SSL Tunnel secures the authentication response from the user to server from Man in the Middle attacks
  • Access to all types of resource through a simple web interface e.g. Web based applications, Terminal Services (RDP), Telnet, SSH and full IP connectivity (through use of downloadable clients) at the fingertips of your employees.

Features and Benefits of Juniper SSL VPN

Juniper SSL VPN

  • Market-leading, single SSL VPN security platform to serve all remote access needs
  • Secure clientless access to enterprise applications and resources
  • Best-in-class endpoint security, granular mobile and remote access control, and threat prevention
  • Scalable SSL VPN appliances for secure remote and extranet access solution for companies of all sizes
  • Highly available and scalable appliances for service providers
  • Uses SSL Secure remote access solution with no client software deployment, no maintenance, and no changes to existing servers.
  • Cross-platform support provides flexibility in allowing users to access corporate resources from any type of device using any type of operating system.
  • Host Checker scans endpoints to ensure compliance with corporate security policies both before and during the session.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities alleviates the need for end users to enter and maintain multiple sets of credentials for secure remote access.
  • Resource Authorization allows administrators to tailor access security policies to specific groups, providing access only to essential data.
  • UAC-SA Federation provides users—whether remote or local—seamless secure access with a single login to corporate resources that are protected by access control policies from UAC or the SA Series. Simplifies end user experience.

Features and Benefits of RSA Authentication Manager

RSA Authentication Manager

High Performance and Availability
  • RSA Authentication Manager software is built upon an enterprise-class, multiprocessor architecture capable of handling millions of users and up to hundreds of simultaneous authentications. RSA Authentication Manager software is deployed in more than 21,000 authentication installations worldwide in banking, government, manufacturing, high technology, healthcare and more. Configuration Flexibility
  • Designed to match the requirements of customers of all sizes, RSA Authentication Manager is available in two versions, Base and Enterprise Editions. The Base Edition provides for a master server and one replica to ensure maximum availability. The Enterprise Edition supports up to ten replicas in each of up to six realms, offering increased performance and high system availability that lets organizations plan efficient, economical, global network topologies. Database Replication and Load Balancing
  • The database replication feature of RSA Authentication Manager enables flexible network configuration, load balancing and, ultimately, higher performance and simplified, lower-cost management.
  • Centralized, Easy Administration and System Management RSA Authentication Manager software offers a high level of management flexibility and control. Using RSA Authentication Manager administration and reporting tools, administrators can track user authentication to their network anywhere in the world in real time; update security policy simultaneously across the worldwide network; and develop a global network topology that increases network performance. Audit and Reporting
  • Because RSA Authentication Manager software logs all transactions and user activity, administrators can utilize it as an auditing and accounting tool. It includes report templates that can be easily tailored to administrative needs, including activity, exception, incident and usage summaries. For auditing purposes, administrators can define which server events to capture, saving them the time of going through data that they don’t need to review. Security Features
  • RSA Authentication Manager software utilizes RSA Security's encryption expertise and technology to provide a strong solution. All key aspects are encrypted, including user PIN, agent and server communications, server database, remote administration and QuickAdmin sessions. gents. Turnkey Interoperability
  • RSA Authentication Manager software is instantly interoperable with more than 300 of the major network infrastructure products on the market, providing your organization with maximum flexibility and investment protection. Through the RSA Secured strategic partner program, leading vendors of remote access products, VPNs, firewalls, wireless devices and applications have built RSA Authentication Manager compatibility into their products.

Features and benefits of RSA SecurID Tokens

RSA SecurID Token

RSA SecurID software tokens support the same algorithms as the industry-leading RSA SecurID hardware authenticators, including the industry-standard AES algorithm. Instead of being stored in an RSA SecurID hardware authenticator, the symmetric key (or "seed record") is safeguarded securely on the user’s desktop, laptop, PDA, handheld, or mobile phone. RSA SecurID symmetric keys may also be stored on smart card and USB devices and used in conjunction with the RSA SecurID software token on the user’s desktop.

Cisco IP Telephony Solution for 10 Users

The main components of this solution are:

  1. Cisco Color Manager IP Phone
  2. Cisco User IP Phone
  3. Cisco Voice Gateway with PVDM2
  4. Cisco 4 Port FXO Card
  5. Cisco 24 Port PoE Switch 2960

Features and Benefits to the Customer:



Internet Bandwidth Solution For Education Sector Over 12 ADSL Lines And 2 Backup 4G Cards.


1. Expensive dedicated Internet lines such as IP Connect.

2. Under Utilized ADSL Internet links.

3. Configuration Changes To Be Done by Network Administrators for Fall Back, Recovery, Policy Based Routing, Interface and Cable Changes.


Solution Features and Benefits for Education Sector

1. Approx. 1Gbps ADSL Internet Throughput

Appliance can combine up to 12 ADSL Internet access lines from multiple service providers such as Etisalat & Du, into a single Virtual Internet access link to produce effective internet bandwidth of approx. 1Gbps.


2. Auto Link Failover & Recovery for Up To 12 ADSL Internet Lines

University internet will be operational till the last of 12th ADSL line is operational and students won’t face disconnections. Only speed will reduce. Recovered links will be automatically added to the virtual internet pipe.


3. Device Failover & Recovery (HA Mode)

Universities can install 2 Appliances in HA-Mode for device level failover and recover..



4. Two 4G Back Up Links

In addition to 12 ADSL links, Educational institutes can install two backup 4G internet links. This can be very the area internet exchange is down. The 4G links will only trigger when all of your ADSL links fail.



5. Replace Up To 12 Unreliable ADSL Modems By Single Device

Replace up to 12 ADSL modems with Single Device hence reducing internet disconnections occurring due to unreliable power adapters or ADSL modem failures.
ISP settings (username & password) can be directly entered on the appliance.

6. Under Utilized ADSL Internet Links

When you have multiple ADSL modems configured into you network there is very high probability of not utilizing full speed of all ADSL internet links due to configuration errors or limitations in policy based routing. Leave these decision on the purpose built appliance and all the links will be utilized to the fullest.


7. Reduce IT Administrative Headaches.

IT administrators can start focusing on core IT issues rather than addressing daily internet bandwidth complains by students, teachers and Bosses.


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